30 August 2007

Well, you takes compliments where's you can get 'em.

I discovered today that I can search Technorati to see where others link to my fiber blog. And, I came upon this gem from someone who visited my knit group and then wrote about her experience....Here's the quote, it's a blog entry by a friend of my son's, and read by his circle.

"Yesterday I went to my first knitting group. It's led by Charisa. She taught me to knit a hat using two sets of circular needles. I've already made so many mistakes it's not even funny - B*, yo mamma' knits so much fancy-ass fibers... she... she... happy when she find belly button lint! Yo mamma' so gay, she even refuse to knit with straight needles anymo'! Yo' mamma' skillz so fine, the last time she knit a garter-stitch scarf, Martha Stewart hung herself wit' it!"

There you have it. If you are in the burbs northeast of Seattle and are longing for a knit group - I've got one to recommend. :)

* my son's name was entered here.

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