28 August 2009

Stitch N Pitch – Knitters 1000, Mariners - 4

Knitters were batting a thousand last night when they showed up in droves at the Fourth Annual Stitch ‘N Pitch at Seattle’s Safeco field. A few photos of that beautiful night – He’s man enough to knit, and she draws superheroes who save the world by knitting.
It’s always wonderful to see someone learning the art:
Luscious Seattle summer sunsets

A sad knitter’s note: I frogged about a month’s worth of work on Tuulia Salmela’s Red Dragon pattern because I am, quite simply, a lace flunky.
Now a little something special – pull out the project that’s on your needles, push play and enjoy the magic of Jami Sieber. I may not be able to knit wings, but she will carry you on invisible ones with her art. Click track 6 and you'll be off.

Lush Mechanique by Jami Sieber

23 August 2009

Lopez Island Holiday

We spent the last week enjoying the perfect August weather of Lopez Island. A small island in the San Juan chain of islands near the Washington/Canadian border. We left our car at the Anacortes parking lot and cycled to our short term destination, “Cozy Cabin” in the woods. Here are just a few of the sights and sounds that are likely to fuel dyepots and knit projects for the future.

(all photos copyrighted by me, Charisa Martin Cairn. Please do not use without permission)

16 August 2009

Extra-Ordinary Day!

For the past few years I've become acutely aware that were we put our energy is where our life is. Such an obvious statement, yes. But I forget this simple principle again and again.

Two years ago my friend Kristen introduced me to Betty Roberts Spinning wheels. They are beautiful handmade works of art and engineered as beautifully as the aesthetic they are created with. Betty Roberts makes accelerated wheels (rare). She is a treasure and lives in the state of Washington. In the past year I have joined both the Ravelry and the Yahoo Groups dedicated to Betty Roberts wheels, thinking that maybe someone would put one up for sale. There are so few of them in the world, I had become convinced that I would never own one.

Then, yesterday, I was at the Snohomish Library doing some knitting guild business and stuck my head in the library's conference room. A group was just leaving and as I looked closer - I realized that there were several Betty Roberts spinning wheels in the room. Let me cut to the chase and give you the goods.

I am now the proud owner of Betty's "Cotton Eater" wheel (meaning, many ratios, can spin very fast). And today, I not only purchased the wheel from Betty, but got to spend time with her getting to know her. Now, tell me my friend, is that not an example of "Ask. Believe. Receive."?

Betty Roberts - The Spinning Wheel Lady

Photo of Betty Roberts

Betty Roberts with the Cotton Eater (my wheel!)

Betty Roberts withthe Cotton Eater

Betty tells how to tie a new wheel band

Betty describes the inlay in the Cotton Eater:

And, then, like the hero she is, she opened her shirt and revealed her super powers!
Proverbs 31:13: "She seeketh wool and flax, And worketh willingly with her hands." (That she does!)

Betty Roberts the spinning wheel lady

Betty Roberts and many Betty Roberts Spinning Wheels

Betty Roberts and a few of her wheels

14 August 2009

Sock Summit!

Last weekend was the big West Coast "Sock Summit". All the Knitterati Illuminati were there. I did not take classes, but convinced Carol to head to Portland for the weekend so we could attend the Ravelry party on Saturday and then spend hours and hours at Powell's books. And that we did.

At the entrance at the Sock Summit, a lovely shawl in lovely colors. It's a simple two color
pattern titled:

, and is available from Through The Loops. Image of a beautiful shawl

The marketplace was overwhelming. Man, who knew there could be so many yarns and tools dedicated to sock making? The stroke of brilliance was having a bar cart in the marketplace. Shop while you stroll with wine. Hmm.

photo of sock tree at the Sock Summit

A sentiment I can get behind. Order your twisted t-shirt here.

keep portland twisted photo

There was booth set up for knitting help, called the Lucy Booth. I heard it was staffed by some of the most famous knitters around. Below, the booth is staffed by anarchist knitter Anna Zilboorg. (Buy her books while you can.)

photo of the Sock Summit Lucy booth staffed by Anna Zilboorg

Then the Ravelry Party. Lots of wonderful folks were there, but a big shout out to the three people who have almost single-handedly transformed the knitting universe:

Jess and Casey, Ravelry parents were there with their very capable crew. I'm in the middle.

Image of Casey, Charisa and Jess

(By the way, I'm wearing the original Red Dragon Shawl that Tuulia Salmela created --she dyed and spun the fiber, then designed the shawl, then for some completely crazy reason, GAVE it to me. You can order the Red Dragon pattern here.The shawl is pinned with one of Romi's beautiful pins (purchased at the marketplace at the Summit). You can get one of her beautiful pins here.)

Amy Singer, of Knitty fame (left). Despite the lousy photo of both of us, I"m posting it because she is my hero.

Photo of Amy Singer and Charisa

When knitters gather, there are many things to go ga-ga over. Look at these
lovely things:

photo of two gals wearing shawls that use the same pattern

Photo of beautiful shawl in mohair

And this fun sweater knit of Noro silk yarn, by FeistyKitty of Ravelry.

photo of noro silk sweater

Jess and Casey bid us good night:

Next day, Powells City of Books (they have an entire bookcase dedicated to knitting.)

photo of Powell's

And we capped the day with yarn I had "made" at Yarnia. That's my yarn being wound.
It is going to be a wild shawl.

Do you think's it's a sign that I should move to Portland? (Carol thinks so ;) Below: Pothole in Portland and Street Sign (or is it, sign from the gods?)

photo of pothole in Portland

photo - sign from the gods?

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