30 January 2009

Knitted on I-Cord

A benefit of the Yarn Train trip last week: Elizabeth Prusiewicz of Knit Knot Studio yarn shop in Portland, Oregon shows us how to do an applied I-cord. See her Web site at: http://knitknotstudiopdx.com/

08 January 2009

Excuse the dust

This blog is currently being migrated to this wonderful new location.
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Please excuse any oddities in links bouncing from the new-to-the-old. Sadly, an artifact of the migration is loss of previous comments.

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04 January 2009

Pocket Spinner! Plus a New Adoption

My Pocket Wheel finally arrived - and I picked it up yesterday. It's so little! The opening of basket to the right of the wheel measures at 10", and the measurement from orifice metal opening to where the pocket wheel sits is 18". I'm already on my second bobbin. Fun!
Pocket Wheel

Then guess what followed me home? Big Bertha! You can't quite tell that it's BIG, but to give you an idea, the trim on the wall is at 36", and the floor-to-top-of-wheel measures 45".
Motherless child receives good home
And for entertainment's sake, see the two together!
Big Bertha and Pocket Baby

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