08 July 2008

No Muss No Fuss No Wraps No Holes Short Row Heel

This heel is the unvention of Priscilla Wild and is included in the Lifestyle Toe Up Sock guide. It's so easy, that you really have to see how easy it is so you just quit thinking and keep knitting!

You'll have to forgive that I start off using the royal "We", and as I only do this for fun, there are a few lagging moments, but you will get the idea!


  1. Thank U!! I am on my knees with gratitude for this video. I've been trying to find how to knit a heel on a toe-up sock for days! U see, I live in Sweden and in Sweden we don't knit socks from the toe-up (well, some might, but it's not standard sock knitting procedure). And since I've never ever tried to knit socks before I don't know how to knit any heel..
    Again, Thank U! You are my favorite person in the world right now!

  2. Absolutely fabulous.. Thank you so much. your video & explanations were so clear..
    Thanks a TON !!!!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful recipe - i am a total novice knitter but even I got it right after 2 tries...
    The only thing I cannot figure out, after I finished the heel, and I go back to my normal-round knitting, my pattern changes and I no longer get the little braids on the outside - but they are on the inside of my sock now... anybody know how this could happen - help needed!!


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