05 October 2008

Got a Dragon by the Tail

Tuulia Salmela, an incredible knitwear designer from Finland, dyed, spun, designed, then knit this incredible shawl. Then, for some completely unfathomable reason, GAVE it to me. The least I could do was photograph it in all it's glory. Tuulia is the model. Read more about Tuulia's adventures in knitting at: http://tuulia.blogspot.com. She calls it the Red Dragon. (More photos of the Dragon here.) 

A pattern will be available shortly! Check out her blog or her Designer page on Ravelry. Click a photo to see it big.

Tuulia models the Red Dragon  Tuulia models the Red Dragon  


And for fun, another kind of tale-- Ben, one of my cats is VERY social. See him hanging all over Tuulia as she spins. Hilarious!

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