29 October 2008

A Brilliant way to knit a sweater - make it fit, make it seamless.

Last weekend I spent it with the YaYa sisterhood and we had a good time.

     We laughed and we knit:
Nichole and Tuulia

     We were bandits and we knit:
Karin or knit bandit?

     We were daughters and we knit:
Lyn, Mom; Katie, daughter

And we were amazed at the method that Tuulia Salmela has come up with to make a sweater from the top down, that fits, that has a set in sleeve, and WORKS!
Tuulia Salmela's TopDown SetIn Sleeve Seamless Sweater Method

Yes, Martha, this REALLY is knit in one piece and you can try it on as you go. Look for a pattern from Tuulia in the near future.

We also did a bit of enjoying of the Fall, and went to a Northwest Regional Spinner's Annual Spin-In and, of course, visited all the local yarn shops!
Bellingham in the Fall  Tuulia or Beer Garden Mistress  Katie Kent, Spinning on an Ashford Spinning Wheel

Update 7 November 2008 | Finished the Sweater Sample from this class
Faux Sleeve Detail
Detail: Pick Up Row
Underarm detail (I was less than perfect at identifying the middle stitch!)
I've already knit a swatch to get an adult sweater going with this method. I'm jazzed!

My ever-present Ben

05 October 2008

Got a Dragon by the Tail

Tuulia Salmela, an incredible knitwear designer from Finland, dyed, spun, designed, then knit this incredible shawl. Then, for some completely unfathomable reason, GAVE it to me. The least I could do was photograph it in all it's glory. Tuulia is the model. Read more about Tuulia's adventures in knitting at: http://tuulia.blogspot.com. She calls it the Red Dragon. (More photos of the Dragon here.) 

A pattern will be available shortly! Check out her blog or her Designer page on Ravelry. Click a photo to see it big.

Tuulia models the Red Dragon  Tuulia models the Red Dragon  


And for fun, another kind of tale-- Ben, one of my cats is VERY social. See him hanging all over Tuulia as she spins. Hilarious!

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