30 January 2009

Knitted on I-Cord

A benefit of the Yarn Train trip last week: Elizabeth Prusiewicz of Knit Knot Studio yarn shop in Portland, Oregon shows us how to do an applied I-cord. See her Web site at: http://knitknotstudiopdx.com/


  1. I am looking for Elizabeth and her studio is closed. Do you know where she is working now- I would like to take some knitting lessons.

  2. Unfortunately, she's out of business and I don't know that she is continuing to offer lessons. I highly recommend you check with Dublin Bay Knitting or Knit/Purl. Both are about 6 blocks away from where Knit Knot Studio was in the Pearl District in Portland. There are many many resources in that area. Good luck, and good knitting.

  3. Thank you- I will check those out. It is a shame to loose Elizabeth - she was one of a kind- a fabulous teacher and lovely person. Plus I loved her taste in yarn. I hope she pops up somewhere.


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