12 November 2006

Who are you?

Just who is PULSH?

I'm Charisa Martin Cairn. Originally a Texan, I can now be called a native Pacific Northwesterner -- I've been here over 30 years. I love all things fiber, live in the NW with my partner the amazing artist, Carol. Have three full grown kids (two above, I'm on the left.) And, I am a lucky, lucky duck.


  1. This is a great pic! I thought you had three daughters (until I read the photo caption) because you all look so young! ^_^

    I followed you here from Ravelry after reading about your Pixie Driving Gloves and I just LOVE all information I've found on knitting. I'm a novice knitter and I've been dying to try gloves and socks. I'm just too afraid of doing it wrong and destroying the expensive sock yarn I have. I wondered if maybe you or anyone else might know where I can find inexpensive sock yarn to learn with? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Lori! Hmmm, inexpensive sock yarn...well, I would suggest that you use the toe up method in my "Lifestyle Socks Guide" (see right column) and knit some house slippers using Cascade 220. This will help you build confidence, give you usable slippers, and then you'll feel comfortable moving on to that expensive sock yarn.

    On the other hand -- a skein of sock yarn that costs $24 is still probably the cheapest entertainment you can get. You'll spend a minimum of 12 hours making the socks (right?) -- that's $2 of zen per hour -- PLUS you get socks out of it. Pretty good deal.

    So, maybe skip the Cascade 220 slippers and go straight for the good stuff. If you end up taking some of it out, it gives you more hours of entertainment - so win/win!


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