28 April 2007

Gifts and gifts

My middle child turned twenty-three last Sunday. Her gift was the red-head shawl I knit this winter. Perfect for her.
(click the image to see a larger version)

All the kiddos and significant others were at the birthday gathering. My son brought and introduced his new girlfriend, Nova. And, lo and behold -- as plates were whisked away and we began to settle into conversation - gift number two: Nova pulls out her needles and begins to knit!

What more could a Mom ask for?

26 April 2007

Recent Roving and Navajo Ply

Recently out of the dye pot or off the wheel

Two easily space-dyed bits of roving. The bare wool roving was procured at a used bookstore when the owner sold me a spinning book, then asked me if I could identify some spinning related stuff he wanted to sell. I walked out the door with a book on spinning, and 18 ounces of wool roving for $8USD. The low price gave me complete freedom to play with color! 

Click to see a larger version.
bare wool was from a Bellingham book store!  Spruce and goldenrod

My first navajo ply off the bobbin. This is 12 wraps per inch, and was two bobbins of singles made into one skein. Merino roving, dyed in the pot, then spun.
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My first honest-to-goodnes Navajo three ply

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