23 June 2009

Time for a Snohomish County Knitter's Guild?

My knit group has been pondering the creation of a Snohomish Knitter's Guild (WA state, USA). Do you think it's time Snohomish had a guild? Click here to answer this poll and help us figure out if the time is right!

View the latest results of the survey here.

12 June 2009

Four is better than two.

Tomorrow I'm doing something really incredible: attending two baby showers, back-to-back, each for a woman with twins. We all worked together back in the day, and now have dispersed in our careers. But here we are, celebrating their new family members in quadraphonic sound. Wow.

Well, I would like to report that I knit four amazing sweaters for these wee ones. If you read this blog, you know that was my intent. But, as life would have it, little knitting transpired. Still I have a little something I did knit to share:

For the girls, completely, unabashedly, against the color scheme noted by the decorator Auntie, a pink and brown ensemble that looks good enough to eat.

image of two baby hats

And strawberry - chocolate booties to boot:

image of two pairs of baby booties and two baby hats

For the boys, no knitting, but oh so cute: Ugly Dolls and Ugly Doll-inspired baby blankets:

image of two baby blankets and two baby toys

image of two baby toys

image of two baby blankets

07 June 2009

Secret O' Life

A reminder, that time isn't really real...

The above video is a live version of James Taylor singing his tune. But listen to Shirley Horn's version because my friends, she nailed it.

02 June 2009

This keeps my mind off my troubles...

Read this interesting MSNBC article that tells the world what we knitters already know:

"It is good for self-esteem and it is calming and therapeutic."

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