13 August 2006

Summer Knitting

I haven't been slacking on the knitting, just the posting. Recently completed:
Two Color Fair Isle Socks, Woman's size 9. Knit Pick's Simple Stripes Fair Isle Socks pattern and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn, Rainbow Colorway. The Knit Pick's pattern is deisgned specifically for their own self striping yarn, and the bands of fair isle patterning should be distinct. It turns out that Lorna's color repeats are much shorter, so the intended effect is lost. However, I got back to kntting two color with two hands, and the socks are fine, just different than I expected. The black is Paton Kroy sock yarn (black, although this shade is not shown on their web site). Knit on Clover double points bamboo, size 1.

Comments:  I knit the heel per the instructions with just the black wool and was very unhappy with the look. Short row heel just looked crappy. I elected to knit an afterthought heel in two colors to give the heel more durability. The afterthought heel is the only way to go with highly patterned socks. Now that I look at the socks, I would prefer the heel in black, and should have just done two strands of black (knit like a two stitch fair isle).

Close Up of the afterthought heel, and my favorite band in sock:

12 August 2006

The Orange Saga continues

Still working on this damn sweater. Rounding the bend, should be done soon. When I'm complete with this, I will have knit the whole thing about three times. The good news is that it fits Carol. Thank GAWD.

P.S. the sweater is Cascade 220 wool, color #2436

27 Dec update: The sweater is sewn and finished. I have the cannot-felt-side-loading-new-type of "no agitator" washing machine and decided to put it through a cycle to make the stitches consistent. Guess what. Cascade 220 felts in any type of washing machine. The damn thing felted. I blocked it to Kathmandu and back, and it will probably fit Carol ok, but I HATE this sweater.

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