24 August 2008

Tracking Your Spinning - Spinning Template Cards

 In an effort to get organized and hopefully see improvement of my spinning, I created some spinning project cards. Help yourself to them.

Creating a simple 4x6 index card with some info about how you got to where you got to on a finished project and putting a few inches of the spun yarn on the card helps if you ever hope to repeat it.

Download the template here.

A basket of my handspun of the past couple of years below. You can kind of see (in the index card box) that I stapled locks of the unspun wool on the cards, as well as any knit samples from the yarn.



  1. The link to the 4x6 card template isn't working.

  2. LOVE the spinning card! But the template link goes to a 404 - page not available :-( any way you still have it available to update? I'd love to download it - it has all of the information I need to keep track of my spinning projects - Thanks!

  3. Sorry about the broken link, here is the location of the spinning card template:


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