27 May 2008

Spinning: Wrap and Roll technique

Saturday I had an impromptu spin-in at my house, and Katie, The Knitting Mama*, demostrated how to do local fiber goddess Sarah Anderson's "Wrap and Roll" plying technique. View a short video of Katie showing how:

This technique is described in detail in the Spring 2008 "Spin-Off" magazine. They also have videos of the process - Click to view their videos.  This technique creates a novelty yarn spun on a core fiber (the core fiber does not show). The core is wound onto a hand spindle and serves up the core while you wind/ply a yarn onto it and feed it into the wheel. The trick with the handspindle is that you get it spinning in the opposite direction of the plying wheel, inherently creating a balanced novelty yarn.

*Visit Katie's blog, view the 15 May 2008 entry and see more details about how to do this plying technique.

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