28 December 2005

Newsboy Cap Test Complete

Who knew it would take a search all over the Internet and back to find a Newsboy cap pattern. It seems to be the preferred style by the Twenty-somethings around here. I completed a test, knit exactly as the pattern was designed (except I used a yarn from my stash, with correct gauge.) The pattern is designed for a 21" head circumference. Mine is 23" and it fits comfortably, but isn't not as roomy as the designer had in mind. If I make it again, I'll use wool and  I'll increase the stitches to work for a 23" head. 


Pattern book: Book #238 Accessorize (Capshaw)
Yarn I used: Coats and Clark's "TLC Wiggles", 608 Blue, 1 skein (but next time round, I'll be knitting with something nice - a nubby wool.)
Size needles: 6 to get gauge

26 December 2005

Quick Soft Hat

This was a quickie - about the length of one movie to make -- fun soft and warm. Yarn was Lion Brand Velvetspun, color "bluebell"., 1 skein. I knit this on 10.5 (US) needles,  40 sts. total cast on, and it fits a 20" head using the formula on this great hat/any size any gauge sheet. Simple rolled brim (meaning, if you knit it in the round in stockinette stitch, the brim makes itself) with a simple I-cord topper.

19 December 2005

A short break from hats, then back to it

Hats are fun, but a girl needs a challenge now and then. Took a break and knitted Glove 1 using Plymouth's Socketta yarn (scroll down the page to the 's' to view), using size 1 (ribbing) and size 2 needles, and the standard glove method per Ann Budd's "Handy book of patterns" (should be in every knitter's library).

I learned that gloves are not impossible, and knitting on two circular needles is nice, but if you use a needle that has a bump at the join between cable and needle, you will want to personally drive to the plant that made them and strangle the engineer that designed the join (for s/he surely does not knit!). And, despite my best effort to avoid the dreaded 'ladder' between needles, it showed up. Damn. That all said, the glove fits great, and looks way better than even this photo shows! I'll post the second one when I get to it after the holidays.

15 December 2005

Hats for the Holidays

Everyone in the family gets a hat this holiday. The one pictured below is my next-to-last hat I'm knitting for the season.

Using a basic hat formula (like the easy to print out and reference one here, or the brim calculator here) I built a K3, P1 rib hat using a double strand of yarn from Elann -- the yarn was the Peruvian Collection Highland Wool that knits up in a nice firm 3.5 stitches to the inch when doubled. This wool is a great find at $2.25 a skein (USD).

The hat is warm and doesn't look that glam off the head...

But does on it!

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