19 December 2005

A short break from hats, then back to it

Hats are fun, but a girl needs a challenge now and then. Took a break and knitted Glove 1 using Plymouth's Socketta yarn (scroll down the page to the 's' to view), using size 1 (ribbing) and size 2 needles, and the standard glove method per Ann Budd's "Handy book of patterns" (should be in every knitter's library).

I learned that gloves are not impossible, and knitting on two circular needles is nice, but if you use a needle that has a bump at the join between cable and needle, you will want to personally drive to the plant that made them and strangle the engineer that designed the join (for s/he surely does not knit!). And, despite my best effort to avoid the dreaded 'ladder' between needles, it showed up. Damn. That all said, the glove fits great, and looks way better than even this photo shows! I'll post the second one when I get to it after the holidays.

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