11 September 2008

More than one, REALLY? A review of a very different color.

I've been thinking about why I have more than one spinning wheel. I can really make all the yarn I want with only one wheel. One could argue that I reallly needn't even bother. I can buy all the yarn I want. There are shops full of skeins and skeins of beautiful yarns. There is no necessity to make it.
Custom yarn shop I visited in Tokyo, 2006

But I have found myself with more than one. Several more than one. And I find that I am drawn to each one, compelled to spin, on each one for very different reasons.

Lendrum is a workhorse. It will spin at my bidding. Thick and thin, lace, spiral yarn, more. It keeps going, needs no maintenance, is beautifully plain and just keeps on giving. Really, it is all I should ever need.

But the sirens sang, and there I was - enchanted, drawn to the elegance of Schacht. Beautiful, stands heads above others. Insistent on elegance, quietly whispers in my ear. Never pulls hard or drags, smoothly executes and dances with me. The yarn we create together sings. All I should ever ever need.

And yet.

Suzie gave me a glance, called my name. Said she could travel, was flippant. Dared me to try her, to play. Came home with me. What to do? She has joined the household. She is finicky. She wants tension here, release of tension there. She wants adjustment over there. Oil now. Well, she is entertaining, she is engaging. I keep coming back to her, despite my queen Schacht. Despite my sweet hard-working Lendrum. I am afraid that Suzie will be the death of me.
Majacraft Suzie

And still....

There is a new gal coming to town. I walk to the end of the drive everyday in anticipation, looking for her. She'll be here soon. Lithe, athletic, limber. She promises to slip into places no other can. She fits in a pocket. I await her arrival.

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  1. Follow up on my spinning wheels story:

    Suzie and I tried and tried and tried, but we could not make a smooth go of it between the two of us. She moved out and has gone to study zen buddhism near Bellingham. I wish her peace and harmony, we'll always be friends.

    A new primadona moved into town: the cotton eater. A Betty Roberts wheel (see: http://pulsh.blogspot.com/2009/08/extra-ordinary-day.html). She spins like a demon and packs a rattler tail, really.

    Lastly, my pocket wheel arrived and goes with me everywhere. The maker, Doug Dodd sadly lost his wife (whom he had created the Pocket wheel design for) to cancer this year and production is on hold. Hopefully there will be many pocket wheels made in the future. All spinners deserve to have one, they are wonderful.


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