28 August 2009

Stitch N Pitch – Knitters 1000, Mariners - 4

Knitters were batting a thousand last night when they showed up in droves at the Fourth Annual Stitch ‘N Pitch at Seattle’s Safeco field. A few photos of that beautiful night – He’s man enough to knit, and she draws superheroes who save the world by knitting.
It’s always wonderful to see someone learning the art:
Luscious Seattle summer sunsets

A sad knitter’s note: I frogged about a month’s worth of work on Tuulia Salmela’s Red Dragon pattern because I am, quite simply, a lace flunky.
Now a little something special – pull out the project that’s on your needles, push play and enjoy the magic of Jami Sieber. I may not be able to knit wings, but she will carry you on invisible ones with her art. Click track 6 and you'll be off.

Lush Mechanique by Jami Sieber

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