12 August 2007

Favorite Hat of All Time

I just realized that I have never uploaded this hat..and it is my fave of all time. Completed in 2005, I used the Fiber Trends "Personal Touch" pattern. The yarn was two strands of worsted-weight wool - blue/green. The blue wool was hand dyed. The unfinished hat was very VERY large. I felted the heck out of it and then blocked it on a hatshapers crown slant form (which, by the way, is a very worthwhile investment if you are a hatmaker/felter). It is great for very cold days! (I knit the gloves too, with cotton/wool sock yarn on #1 needles.)

This is my personal icon for my Ravelry page. Haven't heard of it? Get on the beta! It's the WWW center of the fiber universe!

Update: 30 August: I just discovered I had indeed uploaded this image last year. I'll leave it here because I provided details on the creation (which I did NOT do in December...)

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