27 January 2008

Knit Map - and Open Street Map

Maps are wondrous things, aren't they? 
Today I discovered a map for knitters, and it is International! Never be left wondering if there is a knit store near you, wherever you are.

Knit Map - look for stores in your area, and add 'em if they aren't on the map. The screenshot below is Tokyo, Japan yarn stores. What I wouldn't have given for that info in 2006!

Want to annotate your universe? Have GPS, will edit: Open Street Map
My son, Brandon has been involved in a map making project that is a map wiki. He wrote some original software and contributed it to the Open Street Map (OSM) project. Unlike the US, the folks in the UK don't have easily accessible non-proprietary street maps. The project was initially focused on the UK. However, on Thursday, after seven months and six days of constant grinding on the United States dataset* the import to the Open Street Map project was completed. The OSM is here (all data is in the database but not all tiles are rendered: that'll take a little longer). If you wish to edit the map, zoom in to your favorite region and click the "edit" tab.


*every street in the US 

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