08 January 2008

Seattle to Portland Yarn Train -- Order your VooDoo Maple Bacon Bars Now

The line for a Portland Voodoo donut is usually a block long, but due to our incredible connections, you can order your Maple Bacon Bar now and have it waiting for you at the train station! The Maple Bacon Bar is their specialty and we are taking orders for only that flavor. A little luxury that makes Portland Portland!

Note: the option to purchase a Maple Bacon Bar is available only to the folks that will be in the Portland Train Station to pick their orders up on 16 Jan 2010. Cost includes paypal fees and your purchases are non-refundable. Deadline to order your Maple Bacon Bar is Tuesday 12 January 2010, midnight.

To pick up your doughnuts at the train station, print your order confirmation from PayPal! Note: we'll be handing out your doughnuts when we arrive, around 11am. If you are coming on a later train, please don't order, we won't be there to give you your doughnut.

[Sorry, we are no longer taking orders for the doughnuts.]

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