06 January 2008

First Look: Pixie Driving Gloves

Eloquent Communication with the Wave of a Hand
Designed for a pixie, so that with a wave of her hand, she can eloquently communicate her opinion. Included in the package, the ability to easily make one positive, and one negative gesture.

                                Pixie Driving Gloves

Method: Top down, of course! In the round, using two circular needles.
Yarn: Rowan very-thin-really-meant-for-two-colorwork wool
Needle: Size 1US
Quick and dirty instructions:
Inspired by Meg Swanson's I-cord gloves from her book Handknitting. Although I did not use I-cord to knit the fingers, I followed her method for the rest of the glove.
Cast on for each digit using Emily Ocker's cast on, 4 stitches.
Increased every couple of rows until the tube fit the digit. Knit plain in-the-round until the tube reached the connection point. When all 10 digits were knit, I put the index, middle, and ring finger on two needles, hold 1 stitch from the inside of the digit out of the work. Knit a few rows, then added the pinkie digit. Knit until I hit the thumb space, added the thumb (hold 3 stitches out of work.) The held-out stitches are then grafted together to close the hole. (Meg describes this in detail.)

Edit: 8 Jan
Forgot to mention, I added a gusset (really, just increases) to accomodate the width of the palm. Refer to Meg's description in her book, she really walks you through the process. The only thing I changed was knitting tubes for the digits instead of Icords. For an eloquent description of creating Meg's Icord gloves, see Nona's blog entries about it.

When I had knit it long enough, I knit a cable cuff, K 4 stitches, P2, Twisting the Knit stitches 2 over 2 in a consistent direction (not using a cable needle.)

Finalized with some embroidery to make the message easier to swallow, whatever hand-given message gets communicated.

7 Feb 2008 Update: If you are on Ravelry, you are welcome to join a Driving Gloves Knit Along.

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