10 February 2008

K1 P1, You're Dead

Hat Attack (modeled on Sock Wars) - see the rules below
Pattern received 9 Feb 6:20am Pacific Time
Yarn had been procured and swatched, ready to engage at 6:20am
Hat finished: 10pm 9 Feb

Target, prepare to die! The package will be tracked, I shall see when you accept your fate!



Hat Attack! Rules, by the Oracle

• Your assignment is to kill your target by knitting and mailing to them a specific hat, as quickly as possible.
• When murdered, your target must post their death on the Yahoo! Group by updating their status in the Battle Roster (database). Then the dead must send to you, immediately, their work in progress and target’s details so you may assassinate their intended target.
• Remember: you are also someone’s target…

The pattern will be provided by The Oracle in February 2008. Murderous hats must be knit in the weight and size specified. The hat will be Advanced Beginner level. For a greater challenge, you may customize your weapon with colorwork or beads.
Delivery may be made any way you choose. An effective assassin will request proof of mailing.
• This battle is orchestrated by the Oracle. She is all‐knowing and unable to be killed.
• This is for entertainment purposes only.
• You may not take yourself or others too seriously.
• Bloodshed will be in the form of yarn and words.

Update 24 February 2008: My "victim" died by my "weapon" within the first week of the hat attack, when she received the hat. I, on the other hand, have not been "killed" and am still awaiting my death (in the form of a mailed hat.) Such silliness!

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