21 February 2008

Ruth Sørensen Class

Took a class yesterday from the happy Dane, Ruth Sørensen (of Kauni Cardi fame - opens a PDF for the cardi).

Here are a couple of snapshots from the class (click for big):

    Ruth Sørensen, a happy Dane. 

The class was about designing with Kauni Danish yarn - a fine weight shetland wool that has very very long color repeats (take that, Noro!) When you knit with two colorways, it looks like you worked really hard, when in fact, you only did a little.

Bonus for the class was that Ruth is geniuine, funny, and a very generous person and makes one want to take her home for dinner. She also taught me a thing or two about designing with Excel! More pictures and examples to follow. This is a fascinating process that builds on my latest obsession: working two yarns with subtle color changes.


View more photos and couple of short videos (see next blog entry for video links) where Ruth describes how to create a garment from the class (and be forgiving, I was using a point and shoot camera).  

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