26 May 2009

A Perfect Memorial Weekend

It was the most luxurious weekend I have had in ages. The weather was perfect. PERFECT. Sunny, high 60's, low 70's, with a hint of coolness in the air, and time to play with color and texture.

I started with two nearly full bobbins of a 50/50 split of a merino/tencel blend. I finished with a full bobbin of two-ply of the same. As always, click the image for big!

image of spinning wheel with a single spun on to it.

Image of finished bobbin of two ply

I also completed a project that I've been thinking about - you know, always thinking about the next project when one is clicking on the needles.

I love to dye and spin, but I don't want to become a production spinner, toiling over bobbins and bobbins and bobbins of singles in order to spin enough for a sweater. I love handspun, but a full sweater of it is not as appealing as having it in bits and bites. Why not dye white yarn in a colorway to work with a handspun - then handspin a related colorway with a specific design in mind? Maybe cuffs and collars in handspun? Or stripes in handspun? Or....you get the picture.

Here is the result of dyeing 1600 yards of 50% alpaca/50% wool two-ply yarn in a purple colorway, and several colorways of roving that I might spin up to work with the purple. Designs to mull in my head and to come at a later date.Your comments and ideas and pointers to inspiration welcome!

The roving below started as a light grey fiber.

image of fiber and dyed yarn

The roving below started as white and is now a mixture of greys, pinks, and purples.

image of another color of roving and the same dyed yarn as the previous image

The roving below started as a gradient-dyed yellow Falkland roving and I overdyed with crimson and purple. It is really electric!

image of yarn and roving dyed by Charisa Martin Cairn

And lastly, I'll show you this wonderful caramelly-plummy yummy roving I dyed late yesterday. Believe me, it feels as good as it looks. (Carol laughs and says I see colorways in terms of food. Don't you?)

image of merino/tencel fiber roving dyed by Charisa Martin Cairn

And to wrap this blog entry, I'll show you a fun snap that I caught as we were heading into the Folklife festival in Seattle. A bride and her maids - her wedding must have been at the EMP
(Seattle's Experience Music Project museum). See a few more of the festival here. Ah, to Spring, and youth and everything ahead of you.

image of bride and her maids getting their mugs shot at Seattle's EMP museum

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