30 May 2009

Evidence of Industry

I just celebrated the start of my 13th year at my job, and as a result, I'm accruing vacation time at a higher rate. As a result, my manager suggested I take every Friday off during the summer. BRILLIANT! Yesterday was my first vacation Friday of the summer and I give you evidence of my personal industry!

First: two skeins off the bobbins:
Below: Merino/Tencel Two Ply
Image of a skein of light green/light brown yarn

Below: "Forest floor", Wensleydale single. Verrrry long staple.
Image of yarn skein of green brown wensleydale fiber

Next, purchased merino yarn dyed to make a scarf inspired by this brilliant Cork, Ireland fiber artist.
Image of skein of blue and brown yarn

Also, some luscious super soft BFL yarn, dyed a Chestnut warm brown
Image of a skein of chestnut brown yarn

Then, onto fiber in the dye pots: "Ocean", Merino/Tencel blend
Image of blue green roving

More Merino/Tencel "Merlot"
Image of red/brown dyed roving

Below,"Girly" Silk/Merino blend - dyed with purple and fuschia. Most of the hot pink
fuscia ends up going down the drain in the rinse as it does not bond well to the fiber.
image of very pink silk/merino roving

Next, "Butterscotch", Silk/Merino blend
Image of yellow/gold silk/merino roving

And finally,purple! Silk-Merino that I overprocessed and now I'm having to hand card the
whole thing into rolags in order to spin it. Argh.
Image of purple roving

You may have noticed a little shift in the photos. I bought a new (cheap!) 50mm lens and love the narrow depth of field it offers at low aperture settings. Tuulia made me do it. (Hmm, so that's how Jared does it!)


  1. Hey, I didn't _make_ you do it! You did it yourself!

    ...and I love your Wensleydale. Love it!

  2. Every one of those is glorious. The forest floor especially makes me drool.
    Jessi (peregrinefalcon from Snohomish County cohorts)

  3. Three day weekends are the best! Looks like you're using yours wisely. Gorgeous fiber.

  4. They made me do it too! And I'm so glad. It's a great little lens and it's inspired me to experiment more with the non-auto settings!

  5. they made me do it too!! And I'm so glad because it's a great little lens and inspired me to experiment outside the regular auto settings on my camera. Tons of fun!


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