22 May 2009

Proud Mama = Kiddos on parade

I finished a hat a long time ago - it's knit in short rows. It was an easy knit, I was just surprised by the point on the hat and put it away when completed. My daughter, Aden, found it in the stack at the house of hats and claimed it as her own. Perfect for her. She puts her dreads up and off she goes. And, side note, look how good her nose looks (it's the underside that was removed due to the melanoma, and has been grafted)! It's healing well - reconstruction in the near future.

Pattern: Strawberry Joe
Book: Going Straight - A New Generation of Knitted Hats
Author: Woolly Wormhead
Yarn: Soy of some sort (Not Paton's)
Needle size: US 5 or 6 (can you tell I wasn't paying much attention?)

Image of Aden in a pixie bonnet

Image of Aden in a pixie bonnet

Image of Aden in a pixie bonnet

Also in the news, my son, the map fanatic (if only I could make him a spinning wheel fanatic), gave a talk at the Where 2.0 2009 conference in San Jose this week. See his fascinating talk about Maps in 4 dimensions below (it's about 10.5 minutes in length.) He's wearing a hat I made for him during the presentation. (Looks like it's time to knit him a new one.)

And lastly, I heard from my baby today - looks like she got a gig cooking full time. I don't have a recipe of hers to share with you at the moment, so I'll give you a shot of her cooking for us and a promise to share a recipe of hers in the future.

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