19 April 2009

Spring - new work

Finding time to spin and dye here and there.

Fresh Green - Silk Merino, single, spun a little smaller than sport weight. Drying here, weighted (not usually a good idea, we'll see how it goes.) This was the last of about 8 ounces previously dyed.

Girly pink. Merino/Bamboo hand dyed by me, the plied with Aunt Lydia's 100% bamboo commercial yarn. Nice little sprial going there. Almost 300 yards. I was going to overdye it, but decided to leave it this happy striated pinky peach.

Some color play - first up: Wensleydale (I think), dyed by me. Yummmmm.
Next, merino/silk, dyed bright purple and goldenrod, then tamed with an overdye bath of olive. This screams autumn. I'll probably save it for Fall knitting.

Last up, good ol' grey superwash Merino, dyed by me.

Tomorrow my daughter Adrienne goes in for surgery/sentinel-node biopsy. I'll be starting a sweater to try and take my mind off the worry while I sit in the waiting room. Her 25th birthday is Wednesday. Please send out a prayer to the universe that her melanoma has not spread.


  1. I pray for sure for her and for you. As a mother, I can understand the anxiety...courage.
    Chantal Boucher

  2. Beautiful colours here, Charisa. Praying for Adrienne today and for you as you wait.


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