11 April 2009

Only the first steps are clear

University of Washington Surgical Center Staircase Yesterday Adrienne started the process of learning about the melanoma on her face, and what the steps are for her. At the end of many appointments (most of the time spent waiting), we learned this: only the first steps are clear, the rest will present themselves as needed.

From my daughter Adrienne's journal:

What is typical of surgeries for melanoma is to take an extra margin of
tissue around the tumor. A centimeter is typical. I have an unfortunately-placed
tumor. So there isn't a centimeter to take on all sides. There is going to have
to be more than one surgery. Which isn't what I'd been hoping to hear. He
doesn't want to go doing some in depth reconstruction of my nose to find out
they hadn't taken enough tissue and have to rip it all up again to get

So it's a step by step play it by ear kind of deal.

Here's what I liked the least about the best case senario: my healing time is
substantially longer than I had hoped for. So best case scenario, the first
surgery is done. They got it all and my sentinel node biopsy (that will
determine if cancer has spread) which they will do at the same time as my nose
surgery is negative.

They have done a simple skin graft onto my nose. (They'll
be taking this patch of skin from behind my ear. It will leave a scar. I'm
already thinking about getting a tattoo over it as a memorial of all this,
should things go well.) Now I'm supposed to wait and let it heal up around two
months to see how things go before they go back in and FINISH the
reconstruction of my nose.

I'm lookin at some serious healing time here.

Next steps:
Surgery 20 April
Results: 27 April


  1. A friend of mine, still had, 5 years after the surgery, a very noticable scar. (it looked like a bruise, (darkened skin) it was slightly dimpled.

    It wasn't the first thing you noticed about her, (it looked like a bruise, and you wondered, but it didn't look horrid)

    she said.. It looks great. It looks like I am alive. and given the choice of a scar, a permanent bruise, a dimple in an unexpected place.. compared to... and she would look at pictures of her kids and grand kids.. and once again, say:

    It looks great.

    Yes, there will be a scar. and it will look bad... but not so bad.. It will look alive. and alive is so much better.

  2. Best of luck to your daughter....
    some affirmations she may want to repeat (many times daily) that are specific to melanoma on the nose....

    I feel safe to be me.
    I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. I am free in this moment. The past is forgiven and forgotten.
    I lovingly release and forgive all of the past. I choose to fill my world with JOY. I love and approve of myself.
    I recognize my own intuitive ability.
    I am a being of light, love and wisdom.

    She can repeat these 100's of times a day...even more effective is to tap all over the body/head while saying them outloud. By changing these beliefs (which may not even belong to her specifically, rather to the previous generations, yet they aren't working for her in todays life), she frees her body to go with what she would rather create. She is a beautiful young woman, with lots of light surrounding her and much to share with the world.
    Blessings from Taos, Claudia

    Claudia Bianca, MRET
    (575)751 4551/(575)770-7766 cell
    Master Rapid Eye Therapist
    Rapid Eye Trainer/Tutor
    Reiki Seichim Master

    Stress release in the BLINK of an eye...unlimited possibilities!!!


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