11 April 2009

Baby Cardi, done In-between-projects Beret, done

This, finally off the needles: Garn Studio Baby Cardi. It took forever. But it's done. No baby to wrap it in for the photoshoot, so a pillow will have to do.

baby sweater
back baby sweater
close up baby sweater


• Knitting this with US 3 needles takes a very long time in cotton

• However, the cotton adds weight and is very “swingy” so it’s lovely. The Norwegian cotton is beautiful, has a sheen, and the drape in garter stitch is cool.

• I crocheted over the edges because they look unfinished if left as-is. If I ever knit this again, I will always knit the last 2 stitches in the main color so the carried color threads are not at the end of the garment.

And, in-between- projects, a Beret.
Pattern: Lifestyle Hats Top Down Method
I have a basket full of my favorite colors of Cascade 220. I pull several balls out and create a hat on a whim -- hmmm, what can I think up today? Knitted while sitting in the hospital while Adrienne waits to meet her surgeon.
Cascade 220 Beret
Cascade 220 Beret, back view

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