28 December 2008

Sweater = Done! Top Down, Set In Sleeve, & Seamless

The top-down-set-in-sleeve-sweater I started last month is complete! It was a dream to knit and fits Carol to a tee. You can see how the colors work with her palette. View Carol's artwork here.

Set in sleeve, top down and seamless. Whaaaa hoooo!

The Stats:

Pattern: Top Down Set in Sleeve Method by Tuulia Salmela (no pattern yet, send Tuulia an email saying how much you want it!)
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 6
Started: 3 November 2008
Finished: 28 Dec 2008 (and that is with knitting the sleeves twice to get them to my liking.)
I love love love making a sweater this way. The set in sleeve fits nicely on the shoulders, the faux seams provide structure to the entire sweater. Best of all, you can try-on-as-you knit, to ensure it works!

Hat from the yarn leftovers:

Hat pattern: A modification of my own "Folk Art For Your Head" - but I used the "Lifestyle Top Down Hat" method.
Yarn: Same as the sweater above.
Needle: US 6


  1. Those colors are beautiful! I love how you did the sleeves.

  2. Gorgeous! I'll bet Carol loves the custom fit!

  3. Gorgeous sweater, and love the hat too! You do such beautiful knitting.


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