09 November 2008

Recent Additions to the House of Hats


Pattern: Lifestyle Top Down Hats, Pillbox hat; Fingerless mitts: I made up the design as I went
Yarn: Dyed Romney fiber,  colors combined by the Knitting Mama (who also happens to be a spinning mama), then sold to me; I spun it into a thick/thin single, then plied it with an almost lace weight single, black mystery wool (probaby Romney too.).
Needles: 7 US
Notes: This is my favorite hat shape to knit. I love knitting from the top down. It just works!




Pattern: Vivian Hoxbro Rainbow Tam
Yarn: Jamieson's Spindrift, 4  skeins: Madder, Poppy, Ginger, and I think the last one was Curry
Needle: US 1
Notes: This required a lot of attention, but developed a rhythm as I got into it. I did it to see if I could work with Jamieson's for long (Shetland is not terribly soft, but it is hard wearing), and to see if I could meet the requirement of constant attention to a chart. I want to make the Rainbow cardigan by Vivian Hoxbro. I have all the wool, now I just need the will.

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