18 June 2007

This week: work in progress

The yarn that I overdyed last week (here) did not become a hat as planned, it's now a man-scarf. Beautiful, chunky, rich looking. Yarn on the left of first photo is the overdyed yarn from last week. Yarn on the right of same photo is a Manos yarn of similar weight. Completed scarf, photo on the right. As always, click the photo for big.


Pattern is inspired by Brooklyn Tweed (he's been doing a lot of inspiring lately...) A simple K1,P1 rib with alternating yarn every 2 rows. On second row, slip first and last stitch purlwise. Lays flat, is the same on both sides. Lovely.

A close up of the lovely yarn for all you true fiber junkies:

PS: Confession. The blue yarn (left, first photo) is almost navy with hints of red/purple in it. I used a somewhat lighter picture last week to indicate the colors in the yarn...if you read regularly, the shots above are a better representation of the two colorways in the yarns.

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