05 June 2007

First Self Striping Test - did the overdye fix it? Too soon to tell

After I created my first warping board for self striping yarn, I wrapped two skeins on to it, and proceeded to dye with fiber reactive dye. Turns out, this type of dye is not optimal for protein fiber, of which the two skeins were 100%  alpaca. The color happened, but lots of dye was wasted (it doesn't exhaust well.) The colors were totally circus colors (nothing wrong with that mind you...) But, I'm past my circus days, so I overdyed it this weekend. Here is the result...although the jury is still out on it, so the verdict is not known as to whether this will be a good looking project. Overdyed with pale blue. So, maybe overdyeing does not fix all.

[click for big]

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