15 November 2009

Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Show

Seattle-native, Brooklyn Tweed blogger (Jared Flood) was on the West Coast this week and spoke at the Seattle Knitters Guild on Tuesday, 11 November. He comes at knitting with an engineering mind and an artist’s eye. He has a youthful exuberance, is intelligent, charming, and his talent is born of many many hours of knitting.
His recent small book, “Made in Brooklyn”, is all designed, knit and photographed by him – revealing his love of knitting and control. The yarns are all Classic Elite (publisher of the book.)

If you’ve followed Brooklyn Tweed’s blog you’ve probably often wondered what he looked like – his writing  and photography are so helpful (see his eloquent visual guide to steeking here), and inspirational (see his lovely Girasole) – but what does he look like!?! Wonder no more:

The evening ended with a verrrry long line of knitters getting his autograph and new book. I took too long with the photos and did not get a book (sold out) or a signature. But I did ask him to come speak at Snohomish Knitters Guild – so maybe I’ll get that autograph yet.


  1. Wonderful - both his work and that he may come out to our guild!

  2. Fantastic pics, Charisa!...And Jared, yes, please come to Snohomish Knitter's Guild. You'll be guaranteed a warm welcome!

  3. Hmm, I'm going to have to hit my LYS to pick up that book! Che bella!

  4. This is really a nice blog. Your photography is great, knitted objects gorgeous!


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