26 July 2009

Party, party, party, indeed.

The whole month ended up being a birthday celebration. On Thursday, the actual bday, my kids made a meal for a queen.

Yesterday we capped the long celebration with a knit/spin/eat/drink party that lasted the day
and most of the night. We just did not want it to end. And laugh we did! Below I'm catching Tuulia modeling one of her amazing top-down set in sleeve sweaters (link to the pattern, you need it!) as she is saying something naughty, and I'm getting her good. The whole day was like that.

Tuulia makes a faceI pull one over on Tuulia - image of her laughing out loud

My sweetheart, Carol, had a special bracelet made for me - made with antique typewriter keys.
It is so cool! She knows me, don't you think?
photo of bracelet with typewriter keys

You too can have one from TAB Typewriter Key Jewelry.

Just see what a wealth of talent we have in this area. Doesn't it make you want to knit, spin, or dye fiber? This was the fiber loot I got from my fiber buddies yesterday:

A colorway just for me by Kristin, of Allspunup:
image of yarn dyed by allspunup.etsy.com

Handspun yarn by TheKnittingMama, roving dyed by Allspunup:
beautiful rainbow colored handspun yarn photo

Then, Tuulia overwhelmed me with a ton of her beautiful handdyed roving. Oh my.
image of beautiful handdyed roving for spinning

A photo of all the loot together. The unlabeled stuff on the left edge is roving and yarn I dyed myself (yesterday morning.)
photo of all the fiber goodness received yesterday

Many thanks to all my friends and family who made the month a wonderful celebration. Special thanks to Barb for the candles and cinnamon/lavender soap and to Linda for the amazing
mini sock blocker key chain!


  1. Happy birthday! It looks like it was a lovely day.

  2. Oh, I didn't see the mini sock blocker - that's so cute!!! We really had a great time that night. :)


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