09 December 2007

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This is a hat that I cast on to simply play with the unspun yarn and see what happens when you do a short row hat with unspun Icelandic wool. The brown wool is three strands of unspun wool wrapped in a wool cake. The cream wool is two strands of unspun wool. The wool has no spin in it and pulls apart quite easily.

The end result is a nice firm hat that is the knit stitch only, knit "flat".

I cast on 35 stitches, using a needle smaller than what I thought the wool called for (US 9) so that the hat would be firm. At each row, I knitted one less stitch, wrapping and turning until 16 stitches were "short". I then knit all stitches on the needle with the cream colored yarn, and then one more row knit with the cream. And started all over again.

When I finished it, I knit the two rows in cream and cast off in cream. The hat was longer than my head, so I got a brim!

Then I seamed up the hat. The seam was so bulky that I decided to hide it with embroidery and wear the seam in the back. I liked the end result so much that it is now the front.

What would I do differently next time?

  • Make the cast on a crochet provisional cast on
  • Final cream garter row would woven/grafted for a seamless finish.

For a protoype, I'm pleased!            

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