19 November 2007

Trip down memory lane

My knit group, the Monroe Bitch and Bitch knitting group, went on an excursion last year (train trip to Portland to visit, what else, yarn shops). I realized I never gave a trip report. So, here you have it - pictures worth much more than words
(click pictures for big):

View from inside the train at dawn
View from inside the train, dawn

Lots of time to knit on the way down, work in progress
Work in progress  monkey socks underway

No shortage of inspiration at Portland Knitting Stores within walking distance of the train station.
Knit Knot Studio, Portland, Oregon
Knit Knot Studio, Portland  

Knit Purl, Portland, Oregon
Knit Purl and Shi Bui Maven Darcy demonstrates an Origami Shawl to Shirt

koigu wool wall at Knit Purl in Portland 

first sighting of "Transition Gloves" at Knit Purl

Habu Textiles Scarf

habu packages are so much fun

And, it's always good to know where you are (lunch)
before you can get there, you should know where here is

Everyone could use a little therapy:

Walking around the Pearl District:
  Pearl District Portland

As the beautiful Winter day closes, we make our way to Dublin Bay Knitting:
day closes 

Dublin Bay Knitting Store, Portland, Oregon
Dublin Bay Knitting Store, Portland

We head to the train station at night fall. When we are all re-assembled we view the stash.
Portland Oregon Train Station stash purchased on day trip

It was so much fun, we are going to do it again. Let me know if you are interested in joining us for our 2nd annual all-day knit trip to Portland in January.

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