10 November 2007

Nordic Knitting Conference Photos

Although procrastination nearly prevented it, I managed to get into Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knits class at the Nordic Knitting conference in Seattle, early October 2007. Below are photos from the conference. There are a few photos of Vivain HØxbro, as she was teaching in the classroom next to Elsebeth's.

Best learn of the day: how to cable without a needle....which inspired the Gully Wash Socks!

Elsebeth Lavold:
Elsebeth Lavold at the Seattle Nordic Knitting Conference, October 2007

Some of her examples:
Elsebeth Lavold sweater examples: Viking Knits

Elsebeth and student:
Elsbeth Lavold and student

Elsebeth instructing a student about how to move cables on the ground, and do it without an additional cable needle:
Elsebeth Lavold hands-on instruction. Elsebeth, on right.

Vivian HØxbro:
Vivian HØxbro

Some of Vivian's examples for the class:
Examples of Knits from Vivian HØxbro's class at the Nordict Knitting Conference, Seattle

Student's work in Vivian HØxbro's class, Nording Knitting Conference, Seattle, WA Oct 2007

It seems that knitting and high tech are a perfect fit. A knitter shows another knitter an example of what they are discussing online - via her I-phone:
...go together like a horse and carriage

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