15 March 2007

Anna Banana Mittens

Made from hand spun and hand dyed wool (by Kristin) especially for Carol's second cousin Anna in Palo Alto. Not a fan of hats or scarves, but needs a mitten now and then. These are custom-made to fit her hands.

(Click to see a close up.)
Anna Banana Mittens!

No knitting mitten pattern used - just a drawing around Anna's hands. Started at the top using Judy Brecker's magic cast-on, increased every other row until the width matched the drawing. Knit straight until the thumb shows up. Place waste yarn where thumb should go, keep knitting until time to do ribbing. Or, you know, maybe I started at the bottom and knit to the top. Can't remember. But Anna's hands are so small that this was a very fast project. Didn't even take the time to photograph 'em - just scanned them, and mailed them.

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