20 November 2005

Moebius Felted Bowl

At my local knitting shop I saw a sample of a knitted moebius strip project...you know when you were a kid and cut a strip of paper, then twisted one end, and glued it together...only to find you have created one continuous surface? Well, an ingenious knitter, Cat Bordhi, has not only figured out how to dispense with double pointed needles in favor of knitting with two circulars (you'll never have stitches fall off a double-pointed needle again!) -- she has somehow figured out how to cast on and actually knit a moebius strip. The knitting cast-on starts in the center and the knitting grows out from each side while you knit. Crazy. Most of the patterns she's come up with don't really knock my socks off, but I had to buy her books, (and I confess, take a class, because I could not get the cast-on) -- just to see how she did it. Some of the scarves and shawls are amazing in her books.

So, here is a small basket, knit from Paton's Classic Merino Wool (double strand, since it felts so well).

Before Felting It doesn't really work like a bowl, way too floppy. (As to be expected pre-felting.)

After Felting

I felted a separate crocheted chain added as decoration. The bowl was felted for 30+ minutes, making it very compact and dense.

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