16 November 2005

Knit Felt Hat 2: Flat Brim

Same pattern as the purple knit felt hat below. Different yarn - this time: Paton Classic Merino Wool

Colors: leaf green and royal purple, knit with two strands | Size 11 needle | About 6 hours to knit | Garter flat brim

Before and After Felting

I also crocheted a chain of purple wool and felted it at the same time. Then, while drying, I wrapped the crocheted chain around the knitted band -- and let it dry in place. The hat fits great with the little bit of snug with the crocheted chain. Paton's yarn felts really well. A double strand of the worsted weight makes for a great winter-weight hat.

Post Knitting Note

This was a little too lime-green for me, and I ended up spending about $10 USD in dye to overdye with a blue to make the hat more teal than spring green. A lot of trouble and cost. Moral: knit the colors you like. REALLY like.


  1. Cracking chapeau! Can I buy the pattern from you, or can you tell me where you found it? I am looking for a pattern for a flat brim to knit beginning at the "bottom" edge so I can make a felted witch's hat for Halloween. I know how to do the pointy gnome hat portion, but can't find a flat felted brim pattern. Perhaps, if your pattern begins at the top, I can just go backwards from the end.

  2. See the link to the pattern for this hat by Fiber Trends, on this page: http://pulsh.blogspot.com/2005/11/first-knit-felted-hat.html

    If you want a felted brim but not hat part, you probably want to start at the brim, felt it, then pick up stitches and knit upward for a pointed hat. But, probably easiest to felt the whole thing.


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