19 April 2011

'Bout time

We've had a very wet, cold Winter and Spring here thus far - yesterday Mother Nature was giggling as she dropped wet snowflakes on my car as I drove to work.

So, there is still a big need for neck warmth!

This started as a Cream and Sugar cowl. I cast on the required 252 (!) stitches, almost believing the pattern (I did take the needle down a size)....but as I knit in-the-round, it was clear that the ribbing was not 20", but more like 40". So, I ditched the pattern and merrily went on my way with a different design.

Ribbed and Warm Collar/Cowl
Knit in the round. Easy project.
Yarn: Fingering/sock weight
Needle: US 4
Start: co 252, on circular needle, join (don’t twist!); total cowl is 36” with ribbing un-stretched.
Collar: k2,p2 rib each row for 3.5”
Next row: decrease to 50% of your stitches by doing the following: *k2tog, p2tog*, repeat between * * to end of row; total cowl is now 18”, ribbing un-stretched.
Cowl: Then knit the next portion by doing the following: *k1,p1* ribbing, repeat between * * to end of row for 3.75”
Adjust length for either the collar or the cowl as needed.

Cast off in rib pattern.
Weave in ends and wear!


  1. great design--simple and effetive! I don't like cowls that are strait tubes--i like shaped ones (like yours that sit on shoulder and front of chest and fill in the open top of my jacket. the Ribbing is a good idea!

  2. splendid!
    may i inquire to the yardage of yarn this consumes?

  3. By the way, this size used around 300 yards, fingering weight yarn.


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