12 September 2010

Miss Calla

This Spring I taught a couple of classes at local yarn shops on Tuulia Salmela’s “The Tailored Sweater” method. I like to have a project that uses that method on the needles to demonstrate how it’s done –and it served that purpose.

My friend, Amanda, had a baby many months ago – and it’s finally time to unveil the sweater gift for Calla. As that is the true purpose of this little sweet sweater. It’s an empire-waisted swing jacket with a big collar and cuffs that can be worn up until Miss Calla is a big girl, then flipped down.

And, as you see, it the pulled down cuffs work as an impromptu muff too!

Thank you to Miss E for being the perfect model!
Info about this project:
Pattern: Design by me, using top down set-in sleeve method “The Tailored Sweater” by Tuulia Salmela
Needles: US 5
Yarn: James C. Brett Marble DK yarn (acrylic) - “Berries” colorway
         Pros: this sweater can go into the washer and dryer Cons: It doesn’t block anything like wool! 
         In fact, it doesn’t block.


  1. Great design!!!!! And so common sensical to make the cuffs extra long as well as the body.

    I've used Marble for a couple of baby sweaters because one Momma is a doc doing her residency and another a full-time engineer. They don't have time for fussy laundry. Because the sweaters are way out of state I haven't seen how they hold up to multiple launderings. Please give a report after a while.

    And again . . . beautiful, Charisa!

  2. I love your designs, Charisa! Every time I see something you make I want to shamelessly steal, steal, steal! The cool cuffs, the flared out body, the jaunty collar? (Oh, and of course the cute model!) Well done!

  3. I had forgotten this sweater...it was gorgeous when I saw it way back when and still on the needles. Miss E looks just like her Mama in that last picture, exact same eyes!
    Beautiful Charisa!

  4. So cute - Evelyn was bummed she couldn't keep it!

  5. speaking as the communications representative for miss calla, she would like to send her deepest heartfelt coos and giggles in excitement over this gorgeous sweater! you've outdone (or undone...) yourself again, charisa! and i love that little miss e is modeling! very lovely! i hope to get to see you guys SOON!

  6. this sweater is gorgeous!!Jina


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