26 April 2010

Free Fiber Calendar May 2010 - April 2011

Hey Ya'll, who said you have to have a calendar January through December?

Help yourself to the K1P1Design1 Fiber Calendar
(Click to get to the folder. FYI: my pattern site is K1P1Design1).

Click the link above, and  then click on the folder to download and save. When saved, double-click the saved folder to open (and expand) the files. Save the images to a thumb drive and take to a Staples or Office depot and have printed then spiral bound.

View the calendar pages as a slide show.
To see the individual images in a slide show (at lower resolution than in this zipped file) - click here.



  1. Very nice calendar and photos. My initial thought was the individual will take on a project shown/inspired by that month's photo like knitting up a sweater, dyeing fibers in a color-theme, spinning up roving, process a fleece...you get the picture (ooops not intended pun!) Thanks for sharing as always.

  2. What fabulous photos! Thank you. The baby hats make me want to have peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce.


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