01 March 2010

Laughter is such good medicine

My knit-sibs (as Brenda Dayne calls her knit pals) were in a race to the finish for the Ravelympics. Barb on the right finished her Ravelympic hat as we stitched and bitched last week. In between stitchin’ and bitchin’, we did plenty of laughing. Ahhh. That felt good.

Recently off the wheel – merino wool, silk and Molly. Can you guess what makes such a beautiful soft halo?

Have you guessed it yet? These shots are pretty close up. It’s a lovely fine yarn that is soft soft soft. I can’t wait to knit a cowl with it. It begs to be close to the skin? What’s Molly*-fiber? Dog! And not a hint of a scent of dog, dry or wet!

* Molly is Barb’s dog, the Ravelympic Mulitple Gold medalist in the first photo, on the right.


  1. Molly is going to get such a big head now that she's famous.

  2. Holy cow! That's our Shelly! Give her back!!

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