24 March 2009

And go round and round and round

In the circle game.

Still knitting the lovely garter cardi to test it (click link to view). I won't be knitting four of them. It is very slow going. Lovely, but sloooooow. I just checked, and I've only been knitting the lovely cardi about 50 days, it feels like 150. And at this rate of speed, the kids-about-to-be-born will be starting college before I'm done. I'll come up with an alternate plan. Like baby hats and purchased garments. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Course, it could be the cardi isn't coming along so quickly because I've been spinning yarn too.

Just finished up some super fine stuff dyed by Kristin of Allspunup (above image = before, below image = after). Thinnest I've spun to date. What did I learn? Spinning thin reduces the color intensity. Lovely Merino, 4 ounces of it.

Below is Ch-ch-ch-cherry pie. This was one of the first rovings I dyed. The color is a little yellow here -- in person the red pops. This is a sproingy bouncy two ply, BFL I think.

Ok, as Katie says, it's time to quit displaying my yarn like it's a museum installation,
and start knitting with it.

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