31 May 2007

Memorial Day Denim Blues

As promised, here is an update on what I got finished during the Memorial Day Weekend.

First, an update on some yarn noted previously, but a much better picture.
Navajo ply, dyed with Jacquard dyes; handspun Merino roving. Click for bigger picture.
To be fair, the yarn was previously finished, I just knit the little swatch during the long weekend.
Navajo ply, dyed with Jacquard dyes; handspun Merino

Finally, FINALLY finished: Denim Blue
About 700 yards of a little thinner than sport weight yarn, Navajo plied; handspun Merino roving.

And, wound off last night: the pièce de résistance! My very own self striping beauty.
About 500 yards of near lace-weight wool. Undyed yarn purchased from Dharma Trading.
Ohhhh so pretty. Unlike the space-dyed Denim yarn above, this yarn will knit up striped evenly. 
How to Make Self-Striping Yarn Tutorial available here.
My own self striping beauty!

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