19 December 2006

Now for something completely different

It has been all too exciting this Fall/Winter. The Northwest had a terrible windstorm 14 Dec. Neighbors around us have trees on the rooftops. Fortunately for us (although is did not seem so fortunate at the time), we had a 140-foot Douglas Fir drop a 20+ foot branch (spear) right into the master bedroom on Monday night, awaking us with a thud:

Inside View of the branch that landed in the master bedroom Monday night:

Rude Awakaning

Outside view of said branch:

Outside view

As a result, I got right on it and had three very large trees that were on the other side of our backyard dropped before the major windstorm of the decade hit (the workers were working their chainsaw magic right until the storm would not let them work any longer.)

Here is a photo of the trees that were removed (taken the day after the storm). You see a portion of the 140-foot Doug fir down:

140' Doug Fir DOWN

Of the three that were removed, the 100' Cedar (pictured below) was actually rotten and would have most likely deposited itself on our house had is not been removed. That's our fence on the left of the felled trees.

Hollow Cedar tree, it was over 100 feet tall!

So dear knitter, we were without power for 4 days. When the roads were finally clear, and I could get out,  the FIRST place I went to was....my local YARN SHOP, of course.

I'll be sharing what comes from that soon.

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