28 July 2006

Kool Aid Yarn

After reading about kool aid for dyeing yarn on Knitty, I decided to give it a go. It is oh so simple.

The first batch was a rescue of some really ugly brown/blue varigated worsted wool. I bought it because I thought the blue brown would look earthy, but when I swatched it the result was something that should have been left in the '70s.

Now, I have some lovely chocolate cherry yarn, ready for a project:

Next, I dyed 2,640 yards of Knit Pick's Bare - 100% Merino Wool Lace Weight using Grape Kool Aid. The test sample I dyed was a very dark eggplant. Using the formula from the Knitty article, (1 packet per ounce of yarn) I thought my yardage would be a dark eggplant color. Instead, I got a light lavender that is spotty striated and will result in some interesting lace.

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