15 June 2006

Fiber Trends Clogs complete

Wool used: Elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool, 3 strands -- pattern calls for 2 strands, but recommendations were 3 - for a total of 6 skeins
Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs
(I knitted the orange example in the pattern).
Felting time in washing machine, in zippered pillow case: 1 hour
Total cost: $14-15USD + time (several movies on a weekend)
Finish on bottom (not shown): leather cut to shape and glued on. (These slippers will make for massive slippage if you don't do something to prevent it.)

Pre felting:

Really really big before felting

Post Felting:
Completed with "bumper" row joining the two soles

Fiber Trends Clogs - Post Felting Completed with "bumper" row joining the two soles

Back of clogs (raised heel option)

Fiber Trend Clogs - Post-felting,  raised heel option for back of clog

What would I do different? The "bumper" section, an extra row or two added when the inner and outer soles are joined, is difficult to felt evenly. Next pair, I'll do a 3-needle bind off and knit a 3-4 stitch i-cord in the bind off to create a bumper. As it will be even all the way around, it is likely to felt more evenly.

15 August 2006 Update: When I made these clogs I glued leather soles to the bottom. I thought they were expensve (the leather cost $7.USD). Today I saw the Fiber Trends soles for $16.99 USD, and now I realize that purchasing a hunk of leather and cutting it to the size of the sole is very economical. And, slippage is prevented indeed!

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